PICS Climate News Scan

Global climate news analyzed for British Columbia

The PICS Climate News Scan is a weekly summary and analysis of the major climate-change related science, technology, and policy advances of direct relevance to the BC provincial and Canadian federal governments and more generally to businesses and the public. The scan focuses on cutting-edge climate issues and solutions gathered by the fellows and faculty associated with the institute.

Note that the News Scan is in the process of transitioning to a new design and concept, The Climate Examiner. You can find the new version here.

PICS Climate News Scan-December 24, 2014

Here at PICS, we know it’s easy to see doom and gloom when we read about climate in the news. But this year has seen great strides on the political, scientific, economic and social fronts for addressing the climate challenge we face. Here are our top five picks for climate related stories in 2014 that are both significant and solutions-oriented. Enjoy!

  • The landmark US-China climate deal
  • Solar shines brightest
  • Global surge in renewables investments
  • Science lays out the solutions
  • A new era in climate change acceptance