PICS in the News

Editorial: Goals are met through leadership, not talk

The Vancouver Sun  (December 04, 2015)

Comment: UVic helps the world address climate change

Times Colonist (December 03, 2015)

Real solutions are needed at COP21

The Martlet (December 03, 2015)

The Climate Challenge - Beyond Paris

CBC Quirks & Quarks (November 28, 2015)

People on the Move

Business in Vancouver (November 17, 2015)

Dr. Sybil Seitzinger interviewed by Mark Brennae

CFAX 1070 (interview begins at minute 34) (November 10, 2015)

PICS after six: a Q&A with Tom Pedersen

The Ring  (November 04, 2015)

Pamela McCall interviews Tom Pedersen

CFAX 1070 (interview begins at minute 6) (November 03, 2015)

New leader for B.C. climate change institute

Times Colonist (October 31, 2015)

B.C. lags behind Norway’s electric car boom

Metro News Vancouver (October 28, 2015)

Dr. Pedersen interviewed By Pamela McCall on a Noway-style electric vehicle revolution in BC

CFAX 1070 (interview begins at minute 19) (October 27, 2015)

Could a Norway-style electric vehicle revolution happen in BC?

The Indo-Canadian Voice (October 26, 2015)

How BC Could Finance Home Energy Projects

Clean Technica: the ECO report (October 02, 2015)

B.C. urged to consider energy retrofit plan

Vancouver Sun (September 30, 2015)

Global-warming deniers cherry-pick their facts

The Times Colonist  (September 11, 2015)

UNBC to shed light on solar power

The Prince George Citizen (August 18, 2015)

B.C. lags behind on green housing

Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun columnist (August 11, 2015)

Project Watershed estuary restoration work continues

Comox Valley Record  (August 10, 2015)