PICS in the News

Pamela McCall interviews Josha Macnab on 'net-zero' buildings

CFAX 1070 (interview begins at minute 34) (July 29, 2015)

Tom Pedersen interviewed by Pamela McCall on climate adaptation in BC

CFAX 1070 (interview starts at minute 8) (June 30, 2015)

CBC The National: BC bracing for dry summer

Interview package includes PICS executive director Tom Pedersen (June 25, 2015)

Terry Moore interviews Stephan Lewandowsky on cognition and climate change

CFAX 1070 (interview starts at minute 5) (June 24, 2015)

Fund manager raises fossil fuel divestment doubts

Business in Vancouver  (June 23, 2015)

Businesses reduce carbon footprint

The Prince George Citizen  (May 19, 2015)

CFAX 1070 Terry Moore with PICS' Tom Pedersen

Interview begins at minute 35. (May 19, 2015)

UBC climate change engagement study

Global TV BC News (May 15, 2015)

B.C. unveils Climate Action Plan 2.0

Times Colonist: Les Leyne (May 13, 2015)

Climate change will not go away, says climatologist

Vancouver Sun  (April 10, 2015)

Rick Cluff interviews Dr. Gavin Schmidt on climate modelling

The Early Edition (Interview begins at 2hours 20 minutes) (April 08, 2015)