Resilient Ecosystems: Current Projects

Project Title Grant Holder Organization Funds Awardedsort ascending
Impacts of climate change on natural disturbance regimes in British Columbia: planning for adaptive forest management solutions Dan Smith University of Victoria 2011
Understanding ecosystem responses to climate change in southwestern British Columbia forests: a paleoecological perspective on resilient ecosystems Terri Lacourse University of Victoria 2011
Assessing the potential aquatic habitat value of streams responding to a changing climate Brett Eaton University of British Columbia 2011
The Alouette River Basin: the developing urban fringe at the interface with protected landscapes in coastal British Columbia and consequences for ecosystem resilience John Richardson University of British Columbia 2011
Combining historical datasets, ecological modelling and sampling, and cutting-edge visualization techniques for adaptive management of biodiversity in mountain environments Brian Starzomski University of Victoria 2011
Summary report - Evaluating the resilience of northern interior cedar-hemlock forests to western hemlock looper outbreaks Philip Burton University of Northern British Columbia 2011
Climate change and the decline of yellow cedar along the north coast of British Columbia Lori Daniels University of British Columbia 2011
Climate and ecosystem dynamics on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands: a historical perspective on strategies for restoration, management and population recovery Marlow Pellatt Simon Fraser University/Parks Canada 2011
Place-based policy-making and community resilience-building for climate change Michael Howlett Simon Fraser University 2011
Operationalizing resilience over the long-term: learning from ecosystem baselines Sara Gergel University of British Columbia 2011