PICS recognizes the diverse perspectives, approaches and skillsets that different contributing partners bring to creating effective climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions.  

Partnership is part of our DNA. PICS was the first-of-its-kind climate research collaboration between BC’s four leading research universities and other stakeholders at its launch in 2008.

Today, PICS is extending its reach, connecting those leading researchers with public and private sector organizations in partnerships that co-design, co-develop, and co-deliver cutting edge climate change solutions. The 'PICS way' is a deliberate step away from siloed research towards full engagement, from project outset to implementation. 

PICS partners on innovative research, compelling events, and student engagement that supports the next generation of climate solutions leaders.

During PICS' renewal process, we are continuing to support research relationships with partner universities. We have assigned lead contacts for each university. These are listed below.


Contact: Stephanie Cairns,


Contact: Emily MacNair,


Contat: Ian Mauro,