PICS recognizes the diverse perspectives, approaches and skillsets that different contributing partners bring to creating effective climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions.  

Partnership is part of our DNA. PICS was the first-of-its-kind climate research collaboration between BC’s four leading research universities and other stakeholders at its launch in 2008.

Today, PICS is extending its reach, connecting those leading researchers with public and private sector ‘solution seekers’ in partnerships that co-design, co-develop, and co-deliver cutting edge climate change solutions. The 'PICS way' is a deliberate step away from siloed research towards full engagement, from project outset to implementation. 

PICS partners on innovative research, compelling events, and student engagement that supports the next generation of climate solutions leaders.

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PICS headquarters are at the University of Victoria (UVic) in British Columbia's capital city, where the institute is well-placed to serve the university and Vancouver Island communities, plus interact with key government departments.

PICS works with faculty, staff, students, and university leadership to advance climate solutions in support of the University of Victoria's commitment to Promote Sustainable Futures"  UVic students are a driving force within PICS research projects, events and other climate solutions awareness and advancement opportunities.



Located on the Vancouver campus in the heart of the UBC Sustainability Initiative, PICS brings a focus on climate change solutions to BC’s biggest university.

PICS supports advancement in emissions reducing energy solutions for transportation networks, communities and forests, alongside societal adaptation to a changing climate.  PICS is directly engaged with the student-led UBC Climate Hub acting as a liaison between students and UBC faculty and staff, while supporting events and workshops.

Program Manager, University of British Columbia
Sara Muir
Phone Number: 604-822-4644


From the Burnaby campus, PICS leads and supports climate solutions events, networks and research across the three Simon Fraser University (SFU) Metro Vancouver campuses.

Renewable Cities Dialogues, the Climate and Energy Research Day and the Climate Futures Initiative are all part of PICS SFU engagement outreach. PICS supports its SFU researchers including faculty and students, and directly engages with the wider climate solutions community through seminars, talks and special events.

Program Manager, Simon Fraser University
Nastenka Calle
Phone Number: 778-782-8834


Facilitating climate solutions in the north, PICS has a regional presence at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) Prince George, Peace-River Liard, Northwest and South-central campuses.

PICS supports research relevant to northern BC’s vibrant communities, people and landscapes, where much of the province’s natural resource industries are based.

Students at Canada’s Green University engage with PICS on-and-off campus, connecting with dynamic guest speakers and advancing their climate knowledge through events and workshops.

Program Manager, University of Northern British Columbia
Carly Madge
Phone: 250-960-5750