What We Do

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions amplifies B.C. research and insights to answer complex climate change issues. We believe climate change is best solved through collaborative approaches to research and knowledge mobilization. By taking a values-based approach, we bring diverse forms of expertise and knowledge together to contribute to lasting solutions.

Supporting Climate Impact

PICS catalyzes and mobilizes research, partnerships, and knowledge sharing that generate climate action at the intersection of:

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Justice, Wellbeing, and Biodiversity:

  • Recognizing that human, Indigenous, and environmental rights and responsibilities are foundational to durable, effective, and fair climate solutions
  • Embracing diverse ways of knowing and meaningfully supporting reconciliation, cultures and wellbeing 
  • Integrating a deep respect for nature and biodiversity, and intergenerational wellbeing

Policy, Practice, and Technology:

  • Emphasizing the root causes of climate change and climate risks to inform appropriate solutions
  • Growing evidence to support a climate-positive future and climate-resilient communities

Communities and Place:

  • Engaging diverse communities (of culture, identity, practice, interest, or place) to co-design climate actions rooted in shared goals and a sense of place
  • Benefiting Indigenous Nations and B.C. communities

Fostering Collaboration

Collaboration is central to PICS’ efforts. Our work involves transdisciplinary teams of researchers working closely with partners, many of whom have not historically benefited from climate research opportunities.

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Research priorities and approaches are co-developed through community gatherings, workshops, advisory panels, and other activities. PICS’ partnership model produces relevant and usable insights, and aims to foster long-term relationships that will exist beyond any individual project.

Sharing knowledge

Good ideas are just the beginning of our work. PICS is invested in making findings from research and partnerships accessible.

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Storytelling, practitioner networks, events, and training programs are core to delivering on our mandate.

Storytelling: We tailor insights to reach key audiences who can take action. We use videos, op-eds, and policy briefs, along with academic articles and creative outputs, to share insights and support climate solutions.

Networks and events: We convene practitioners and researchers at the regional, national, and international scales to move solutions from idea into action. We also support events that create opportunities for local action within communities.

Training, capacity building, and education: Reducing and removing emissions and building resilience involve the work of many people and professions. PICS offers programs and resources to support students, professionals, and diverse organizational partners to integrate climate change into their work.

Annual Reports

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