Additional funding for successful applicants to NRCan wildland fire program

A forest scene at sunrise or sunset showing the contrast between new and old growth. In the foreground, young pine trees are growing amidst a lush, green undergrowth. In the background, tall, thin trunks of dead trees stand stark against the sky, remnants of a past wildfire. The sun's rays create a lens flare effect, adding a warm glow to the serene landscape.

Note: This invitation is now closed.

Is your research team applying to the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Build and Mobilize Foundational Wildland Fire Knowledge Program? You could secure a portion of your required match funding from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS).

PICS invites Letters of Intent (LOI) from researchers in our university network (University of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University) who are leading projects with diverse partners that are applying to the NRCan Build and Mobilize Foundational Wildland Fire Knowledge Program.

Teams that are developing proposals to NRCan may secure a portion of their required match funding from PICS through a competitive Letter of Intent process. Project teams selected by PICS through this LOI process will receive a letter of commitment for PICS funding to be included in their NRCan applications.