Collaboration, engagement, partnership—all popular buzzwords but what do they mean at PICS? 

The “PICS Way” means applying and living a collaborative engagement approach within all of our core activities, ranging from our research projects and events, through to how we communicate. In practical terms, this means a close working relationship between partners within PICS projects, from project vision and design through to completion and implementation. 

Strong connections between researchers and the solution seekers who will use their research results are vital. Earth’s climate is changing at an unprecedented rapid rate, therefore demanding an agile adaptation and mitigation response. The ability to deliver timely and innovative climate solutions knowledge, therefore, requires continuous co-design and engagement between partners so that projects can evolve alongside shifts in technology, policy, need, and environmental change. It is a deliberate step away from siloed research, towards full engagement. 

PICS convenes and connects multidisciplinary partners and perspectives from across academia, government, the private sector and from our communities, with a global remit but a focus on BC. Our four-university foundational advantage means we can draw upon a network of knowledge, experience and innovation within British Columbia while also inviting advice and input from climate change experts across Canada and internationally. Our independent and stable funding structure supports the certainty needed for longer-term complex research investment, as well as faster turnaround solutions. 

We recognise the multi-dimensional nature of the climate challenges we face, and celebrate the diverse perspectives, approaches and skillsets that different contributing partners bring to creating effective climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. Bringing these partners together under our continuous collaborative engagement approach, is the new PICS Way for developing innovative, evidence-based climate solutions knowledge that is actively used by climate change solution seekers within BC, Canada, and potentially around the world.