Angela Slagle

Associate Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University


  • Porosity and permeability of oceanic crust and its suitability for carbon sequestration (sites of interest: Juan de Fuca Ridge, Cocos-Nazca Spreading Ridge, Kerguelen and other LIPs, offshore basins along NE US)
  • Stratigraphic mapping and interpretation of sedimentary features through integration of seismic, geophysical logging, and core data (sites of interest: New Zealand margin, New Jersey margin, Gulf of Alaska)
  • Accretionary prism properties and impacts of plate morphology and sedimentary structures in subduction zones (site of interest: Nankai Trough, Aleutian Trench)
  • My graduate research involved imaging and characterization of sedimentary features using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to integrate acoustic data types, such as seismic profiling and sidescan sonar, with sediment sampling information (site of interest: Hudson River Estuary)