Anne Salomon

Associate Professor School of Environmental and Resource Management, Faculty of Environment, SFU

My research integrates scientific disciplines and knowledge systems to advance the field of marine conservation science and practice. Broadly, my research aims to illuminate the feedbacks between humans and the productivity, biodiversity and resilience of marine ecosystems to inform relevant and robust marine conservation policy. I am deeply committed to co-producing, communicating and mobilizing marine conservation science, therefore, I foster unique research partnerships with Indigenous knowledge holders, government and non-government organizations, and researchers across a diversity of disciplines. My highly collaborative research has revealed key insights into tipping points in kelp forest ecosystems, the cascading effects of keystone predators, the science of marine reserves, and the factors that confer resilience to coupled social-ecological systems. I was awarded the International Prize for Professional Excellence in Ecology in 2013, a Pew Fellowship that same year, and elected to the Royal Society of Canada’s College in 2019.