Charlotte Whitney

PhD Candidate

Charlotte hails from the mountains of Whistler, but spent much of her youth indoctrinated in marine conservation issues and environmental education while being raised on a sailboat. Her interests lie in identifying marine conservation planning solutions for temperate coastal ecosystems that consider the effects of global climate change, as well as the needs of local communities. Previously, she studied the effects of climate change on juvenile sockeye salmon population diversity in the Fraser River, and has worked as a biologist with municipal government and First Nations groups as well as in sustainable aquaculture development in SE Africa. Charlotte began her PhD her at UVic in Sept 2014. Her dissertation research is focused on adaptation solutions to climate change impacts on the west coast of BC, and includes both theoretical and empirical components touching on adaptive capacity, marine conservation planning, and applied community-based adaptation actions developed with Indigenous partners. Charlotte currently works at the Pacific Salmon Foundation as a project manager with the Salmon Watersheds Program. This program seeks to strengthen the baseline of scientific information available for wild Pacific salmon populations and their habitats. Charlotte holds a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation, and a MSc in Fisheries Ecology, both from UBC.