Dan Clancy

Master’s student

Daniel has had a passion for sustainable systems since he started studying physics in his undergraduate degree. Physics transitioned to mechanical engineering as he learned to apply these skills to real world problems. This drive to decrease his environmental impact has prompted him to live a car free lifestyle with his three daughters all navigating the city via bicycle (electric cargo bike to be specific). This lifestyle has motivated his research into quantifying the performance metrics of electric bicycles for use in replacing car trips in urban environments.

Through quantitative lifecycle analysis, and assessing the co-benefits of cycling such as health benefits and economic consequences, an in-depth picture can be created that tells all interested parties how electric bicycles can help them tackle major challenges facing society today: the need to decarbonize our transportation system, to make large-scale improvements in human health and well-being, and reinvesting money in local business to help communities stay strong from a financial perspective.