Ged McLean

Associate Director

Dr. Ged McLean has been inventing, developing and commercializing new technologies for more than 30 years. His experience ranges from fundamental academic research, to startup company creation to new product innovation in large corporate settings. With first hand experience of what it takes to transition ideas into technology and technology into products he has developed an in depth understanding of organizational management including strategic planning, HR & team building, finance and Intellectual Property management. Ged has concrete technical expertise in machine vision, structural monitoring, energy systems, renewable energy and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell systems with more than 80 patented inventions. Positioned at the interface between ideas and implementation; problems and solutions, he likes to work where his drive to get things done can make a difference.

Ged has been working as the Associate Director of PICS since 2017 where he has led the implementation of the PICS Strategic Plan, the definition of continued solutions development in the forest sector and the promotion of biofuels for decarbonized transportation. Prior to PICS Ged was Founder, President and CTO of Angstrom Power Inc., Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria and Executive Director of the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at UVic.