Gregory Greene, post-doctoral fellow, Wildfire and Carbon.

Gregory Greene

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Greg Greene is a fire ecologist and GIS/Python developer, with a background in dendrochronology, fire history, forest dynamics, fire behavior modelling, and fuel treatment efficacy* and effectiveness** assessments. He also works with Indigenous communities to develop and implement sampling protocols for cultural burn monitoring and carbon accounting programs.

Greene holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Forest & Fire Ecology from the University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems/Science from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

*Efficacy: A pre-fire assessment to determine if fuel treatments are meeting BC Wildfire Service targets and guidelines. Requires fire behavior modelling to make the assessment.
**Effectiveness: A post-fire assessment to determine if fuel treatments successfully reduced fire behaviour to desired levels when burned. Requires field sampling and/or remote sensing to make the assessment.