Jantsje Van Loon-Steensma

Jantsje van Loon-Steensma

Assistant Professor Climate Adaptation and Nature Based Flood Protection Water Systems and Global Change Group, Wageningen University and Research

Jantsje van Loon-Steensma is a researcher and lecturer in climate adaptation. She has a background in environmental sciences, water quality and aquatic ecology. Her research focuses on the implementation of innovative green adaptation measures and on the co-benefits and trade-offs of integrating nature and landscape values with flood protection and its implications for management and policy development.

Next to in-depth study of the value of restored and created ecosystems for nature, landscape, recreation and other services, she is especially interested in the long-term flood risk reduction performance of such nature based measures in a changing environment and their impact on the environment. Which natural processes are allowed or could be stimulated to enhance long-term flood protection? This entails many aspects and requires an interdisciplinary systems approach, drawing from climate change adaptation, flood protection and bio-geomorphology, and collaboration with specialist in e.g. engineering, ecology, policy development.

She coordinated several major climate research programs and was project leader and researcher in several studies for the Dutch Delta Program on innovative and green adaptation measures.