Laurie McCormick

Forest Carbon Management Project (FCMP) - Project Assistant

In her role as project assistant with the FCMP, Laurie is keen to tackle all tasks and challenges sent her way. Prior to her work with PICS, Laurie had proven herself as an accomplished research assistant putting her undergraduate degree in biology to work in various laboratories within the biology department at the University of Victoria. Most notably, she spent over a decade focused on examining the phylogeography of selected alpine plants using molecular techniques in Dr. Geraldine Allen’s lab. Laurie has currently co-authored five publications from this research. When not at work, Laurie can be found at the hockey rink, either playing on the team she manages or encouraging her son as a volunteer on his team. Laurie is a dedicated life long learner continuously enrolling herself in various courses such as project management as well as completing her certification in Environmental and Occupational Health