Martino Tran

Assistant Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning UBC

Martino is Principle Investigator of the Urban Predictive Analytics Lab and Assistant Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC. He is broadly interested in the application of computational and data sciences for tackling urban planning challenges. His research focuses on understanding the environmental and societal impacts of infrastructure and technology in cities. He applies complexity sciences and computational methods to measure, characterize and model human behaviour and technology end-use in the built environment. The goal is to help inform urban policy and infrastructure investment decisions to achieve positive sustainability outcomes. He has led both technical and policy research on the large-scale deployment of smart energy and transport technologies and has worked with UNEP, UNDP, Hitachi Europe’s Smart Cities Program, and various municipal governments. Martino has lectured at UBC and Oxford on Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Smart Cities, and has peer reviewed academic publications including Science and Nature on these topics.

Previously, he was Co-Director, Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Urban Systems at UBC (2015 - 2018), Oxford Martin Fellow in Complexity, Resilience and Risk, University of Oxford (2013 - 2015), and Senior Research Fellow for the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (2012 - 2014), where he contributed to the infrastructure simulation platform now used by the UK government and the United Nations Engineering Branch (UNOPS). Martino completed his PhD in Environmental Science specializing in Computational Modelling at the University of Oxford, where he developed algorithmic behavioural models of social network influence to understand early adoption of electric vehicles for climate change mitigation.