BC Wildfires

British Columbia has become ground zero for wildfire impacts… and solutions.

Wildfires are increasingly affecting the health and wellbeing of communities and life across the province. From dangerous air quality to the destruction of homes and towns, wildfires are a top concern. 

Fires have been a part of B.C.’s landscape since time immemorial and are critical to healthy ecosystems. However, colonization interrupted Indigenous fire stewardship, and a century of changes to land use excluded fire and industrialized forests. Climate change exacerbates all this and fuels the wildfires sweeping the planet. 

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions has been deeply involved in wildfire research for more than a decade.

PICS has supported numerous projects that aim to improve wildfire science and forest management practices, work to increase community resilience in the face of wildfires, and better understand the greenhouse gas emissions from wildfires.

Many of PICS-supported projects in this field include close collaboration with practitioners and Indigenous communities.

Kennedy Halwa looks out a window while seated at a table.

Living climate change: Kennedy Halwa

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Aerial view of a charred landscape after a wildfire. The right side of the photo shows burned trees; the left, a still living forest.

Wildfire Coexistence in B.C.: Solutions Symposium

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A forest fire burns among a residential area in the Okanagan Valley at night. The sky and lake glow orange.

Video: Long-term solutions to B.C.’s fire problem

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Improving forest management to reduce fire risk

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