Sea Level Rise and Flooding

Helping communities adapt to changing weather and water levels.

Climate change is raising the threat of coastal and inland flooding across much of British Columbia. Without taking action to reduce risks, sea level rise and weather extremes will increasingly threaten critical infrastructure, ecosystems, and livelihoods across the province.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions supports holistic flood and sea level rise protections and adaptations in B.C. PICS-funded analysis, partnerships, and knowledge sharing aims to support policies and actions that help communities adapt and protect ecosystems in the changing climate.

Jericho Beach Park in Vancouver during an episode of winter flooding. There are sandbags in the foreground, topped with snow. In mid-ground, the park grass is covered with a layer of water. The sea is beyond.

Gimme shelter: Upzoning for climate risks

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A sea wall separates one body of water from another. Below, in white type, is the title "Living with Water".

Video: Planning for sea level rise on B.C.’s South Coast

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Preparing for and adapting to sea level rise and flooding

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