Climate Insights 101

  • Discover what is causing global warming.

  • Interpret what it means for BC’s future climate.

  • Learn how to adapt.

  • Take action to help slow climate change.

Get the tools and know-how to achieve those results by taking the PICS Climate Insights 101 online courses and mini-lessons on climate change causes, adaptation and mitigation. These education tools have been developed and peer reviewed by world leading climate scientists and experts from British Columbia.

Climate Insights 101

A trilogy of animated and interactive courses on the causes of climate change, both natural and human-induced, and where the solutions lie through mitigation and adaptation.

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Climate Insights: Mini Lessons

These fun and engaging mini-lesson videos explain the basics of climate science and expose common climate myths.

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Teaching Resources

Q&A discussion points based on the Climate Insights 101 courses, plus the latest PICS webcast guest lecture and seminars.

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