Climate Insights 101

A trilogy of animated and interactive courses that provide a comprehensive understanding of the causes of climate change, of how society can adapt, and the options for mitigation. Each course contains 3-4 lessons with test-your-knowledge sections.

This course covers the scientific basis for changes in Earth’s climate, both natural and human-induced, common misconceptions about global warming and more....

Climate Insights 101 Introduction


CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse gases, the carbon cycle, water vapour, the Keeling Curve...

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Mother Nature's Influence

El Niño, the sun’s influence, how ancient ice core records reveal our climate history...

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Observable Changes

Arctic sea ice, ocean acidification, sea level rise...

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An Introduction to Climate Modelling

Seeing the future: Climate models, all about ‘forcing’...

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Climate change is already here and will speed up over time. This course is a how-to guide for projecting future climate within British Columbia and preparing for those changes.

The Climate of British Columbia

BC’s climate variability over time, decadal oscillations, how baselines are changing...

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Projected Climate Change in British Columbia

Why BC will heat faster than the global average, downscaling, and handy tools to predict local climate...

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Climate Impacts in British Columbia

What lies ahead for BC’s critical river basins, forests, marine habitat and shorelines...

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Minimizing risk for BC communities, new opportunities for agriculture and a how-to guide for adaptation planning...

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This course explores and assesses the practical methods, technologies and policy options being used in BC and around the world to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

Mitigation Needs & Actions

Renewable energy, mitigation strategies, storing carbon...

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Government Tools & Initiatives Part I

BC’s climate regulations, carbon-pricing mechanisms, low-carbon fuels...

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Government Tools & Initiatives Part 2

BC’s climate agreements, international treaties including Kyoto, Durban, and Doha...

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