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Join us at the Victoria Forum 2020

November 12, 2020 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join us at the Victoria Forum

Democracy in decline, emissions in ascent:  Signposts for a more resilient future

Over the last decade, analysts have tracked a marked decline in the free expression and protection of democratic values and freedoms internationally.  During this same period, global greenhouse gas emissions have risen sharply, bringing us ever closer to the dangerous limits that our 2030 global climate targets seek to avoid. The last few years, and indeed months, have shown us how and where the systems and structures on which modern societies have been built have fractured in the face of cascading crises.

With a focus on global climate change, PICS Program Manager at University of Victoria, Kristy Faccer, is co-chairing this emissions session.

Many are calling for new visions of the future.

This November’s US election is one among a number of critical waypoints in re-orienting our global democratic and climate trajectories. It will also be a test of our collective response. Join our esteemed panelists as they discuss how, in different parts of the globe, we can achieve a bold new vision for society.

Co-Chair & Moderator:  
Kristy Faccer, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)

Learn and attend more sessions at the Victoria Forum
November 12-13, & 19, 2020

The Victoria Forum
A partnership between the University of Victoria and Senate of Canada

The Victoria Forum convenes evidence-based conversations and stimulates creative thinking to develop innovative ideas and actionable solutions to contemporary and urgent environmental, economic, and social challenges. This year’s theme is Bridging Divides in the Wake of a Global Pandemic.

Detailed information about the Virtual Victoria Forum’s program and speakers is available at

Under the theme “Bridging Divides in the Wake of a Global Pandemic”, this three-day conference aims to foster evidence-based dialogue and to develop innovative solutions to today’s urgent challenges.

This forum brings together regional, national and international change-makers with different backgrounds, perspectives and expertise to tackle the issues most important to our country and the world.

The Virtual Victoria Forum program includes more than 90 speakers, in 19 sessions, from more than 23 countries.



November 12, 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm