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Hope vs Hopium with Karen Mahon Carrington

January 29, 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Hope vs Hopium – Is there a role for hope in the climate era?

We are living in a time like any other.  It feels as if the world we know is ending and we do not know what lies ahead.  We are living through the early stages of climate change and while we strive to do everything we can to mitigate further impacts, we now know that adaptation will be a necessity.  Socially we have begun to think about how to adapt to changes in our physical environment, but what we have yet to start considering is how we adapt on a personal, emotional and spiritual level. How do we live our lives in these times of accelerated destruction? How do we face the potential for mass war and starvation without losing ourselves in fear or grief? Among the skills we need to flourish in these times, surely these are among the most essential.

In this session we will look at tools and maps to help guide us through this time of massive upheaval.  We will look at the hard lessons learned by humanity at other difficult times and  from them, explore how we can live full, engaged, meaningful and even joyful lives through this time of climate chaos.

This event is co-hosted by: School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, UBCC350, UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI), Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), UBC Wellbeing.

Join in person, or by live webcast at this link.


January 29, 2020
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm