PICS Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders: Tackling embodied emissions through local climate action

Missed this event? View the webcast, available until October 2020.

Leading city networks, NGOs, and municipal governments are increasingly looking beyond their boundaries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the embodied carbon that accumulates through global supply chains is emerging as an important focus for urban climate action. Local and international leaders are developing strategies to reduce the holistic footprint of buildings, food, transportation, and other goods and services. Watch this dialogue between practitioners, experts and decision-makers from Vancouver, the US, and the UK who are shaping this critical arena of urban influence.

Anthony Pak, building life cycle analysis consultant and founder of the Vancouver chapter of the Embodied Carbon Network
Patrick Enright, Green Building Engineer at the City of Vancouver and lead on “Big Move 5,” targeting embodied emissions in construction
Caterina Brandmayr, Senior Policy Analyst with Green Alliance in the UK who works on local government policy for embodied emissions (joining remotely)
Abel Chavez, Associate Professor in Environment and Sustainability at Western Colorado University with expertise in urban emissions accounting and resilience planning
Georgia Piggot, Staff Scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute who focuses on low-carbon transitions at an urban scale
Hannah Teicher, event moderator and PICS Researcher-in-Residence for the Built Environment