Ideafest - Climate change, water and governance: Challenges and opportunities in our backyard, and for our Earth

March 6, 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm


David Turpin Building (DTB) A120
Victoria , BC

Wildfires, floods and extreme weather events plagued the globe in 2017. Is this our new normal? Are we ready for change that’s already underway? Our diverse panel of researchers and thought leaders will look beyond the science at the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing climate. They’ll share promising developments in governance, policymaking and engineering as well as insights that narratives may hold. In doing so, they will offer hope, look at some of the difficult choices and discuss potential solutions for dealing with our changing climate.

Moderator: Oliver Schmidtke, Centre for Global Studies

Panellists include:

  • Anita Girvan, School of Environmental Studies
  • Tom Gleeson, Civil Engineering
  • Ged McLean, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
  • Edward (Ted) A. Parson, Centre for Global Studies & Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, UCLA
  • Rosie Simms, POLIS Water Sustainability Project

This event is part of Ideafest, UVic’s week-long festival of research, art and innovation, running from March 5–10, 2018. The panel is hosted by the Centre for Global Studies with support from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.