Managing BC’s forest sector to mitigate climate change: future options for emissions reductions

May 25, 2017 - 8:30am to 12:00pm


Room 2270, SFU Vancouver Campus, Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver , BC

Event recording part one, Werner Kurz. Watch all the speakers from this event on the PICS YouTube channel. 

Learn about the latest findings from our Forest Carbon Management Project team including: how different strategies can alter the carbon uptake and climate change mitigation potential of the BC forestry sector, the likely impacts of climate change on BC’s forests, and how policy makers can align forest and wood product management practices with British Columbians’ values.


  • Sybil Seitzinger, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Opening remarks
  • Werner A. Kurz, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, The role of forests and forest products in decarbonization
  • Carolyn Smyth, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service and Zach Xu, University of British Columbia, Mitigation options for BC`s forest sector
  • Robbie Hember, UBC, Environmental impacts on forest productivity in British Columbia
  • George Hoberg, Professor, Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC, Forest carbon mitigation policy: A policy gap analysis for British Columbia
  • Guillaume Peterson St-Laurent, PhD Candidate, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, UBC, Deliberating climate change mitigation options and policies in British Columbia’s forests

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Primer: Evaluating options for managing British Columbia’s forest sector to mitigate climate change

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Image credits: Presley Perswain, Arthur Chapman, Wikimedia