Scenario Based Simulation of Energy and Emissions at a Neighbourhood Scale

Ron Kellet
October 25, 2017 - 9:30am


ECS Room 108, UVic BC

PICS' Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment (EEBE) project of thei is a five-year interdisciplinary research initiative to reduce energy and emissions intensities across the diverse 162 municipalities of BC. Crucial research challenges have been the heterogenous nature of these municipalities of different sizes, densities and development patterns and, the complexity of variables and interactions that contribute to energy and emissions performance. This presentation will outline the research approach that defined a representative range of urban form patterns in BC, created a palette of representative spatial archetypes and developed a procedural spatial simulation approach to modeling and visualizing energy and emissions reducing policy and design options within them.

Ronald Kellett is Professor and Director of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, co-director of the elementslab in the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability and the High Performance Buildings post-professional degree program in the Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia. His research develops sustainability-oriented approaches to urban design at neighbourhood scales. He is principal investigator of the Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment project for the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, a research program to develop practical strategies and policy recommendations that reduce the energy and carbon emissions intensity of British Columbia’s communities.