Video: Long-term solutions to B.C.’s fire problem

Wildfires are causing more and more damage and carbon emissions each year across British Columbia.

Direct emissions from 2023 wildfires alone were responsible for more annual emissions than all other sectors in the province combined.

Reducing the threats of wildfire is more complicated than dousing fires with water. Altering how forests are managed is key to reducing wildfire emissions and impacts to B.C. But improving forest management requires detailed and place-specific information.

Some of the best solutions have been tested and proven right here in B.C., by the Indigenous Peoples and Nations that have cared for these lands since time immemorial. The researchers with the PICS-funded Wildfire and Carbon project are exploring how those methods can lead to more resilient forests that better store carbon long-term.

In this video, learn more about how B.C. can shift fire management practices to reduce carbon emissions and the impacts of fire on communities.