Barbara Wilson Kii'iljuus

MA Candidate
Education- Environmental learning
David Bryan Zandvliet
Funding Period: 
2014 to 2016
Educating/mobilizing communities in a changing climate: Initiating action on Haida Gwaii

This project will draw on the traditions and culture of the Haida Nation in developing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for those living on Haida Gwaii, off BC’s north coast, as well as contribute to solutions for other First Nations communities. This work will also develop specific steps toward achieving resolutions set by the Haida’s governing body, the Council of the Haida Nation (CHN), in areas such as financial support, and will identify available technologies or alternative energy sources to the mainstay, diesel. First Nations communities face unique challenges to their culture and way of life from climate change, and this study will help better represent their interests. The research will be carried out by a respected scholar and elder from Haida Gwaii, and will engage a broad range of stakeholders including educators, business leaders, youth, and the CHN.


Wilson-Poster-Educating/Mobilizing Communities in a Changing Climate: Initiating Action on Haida Gwai .pdf