Ian Picketts

University of Northern British Columbia
PhD Candidate
Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
Drs. Stephen Déry and John Curry
Funding Period: 
2010 to 2013
An exploration of community adaptation to climate change in Prince George, BC

Ian Picketts is a PhD student studying community adaptation to climate change at the University of Northern BC. His research involves collaborating with the case study community of Prince George to: identify and prioritize local climate-related impacts; incorporate adaptation into community plans; inform and implement actions to adapt to specific impacts; evaluate the overall process and outcomes; and communicate lessons for other communities adapting to climate change. The project explores how to effectively communicate complex climate projection information, and how to ‘normalize’ adaptation into planning and engineering practices. Many partners have contributed their expertise toward this project including the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, the Fraser Basin Council, Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, the BC Ministry of Environment and the University of Waterloo.

Ian holds a degree in Environmental and Geological Engineering from Queen’s University, and has several years of experience performing remediation work in Manitoba, Alberta and Canada’s Arctic. Before returning to graduate school, Ian worked for the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development as an environmental policy analyst. With Pembina, Ian worked closely with landowners and northern First Nations groups communicating the impacts of oil and gas development and related issues (such as water contamination and climate change). Ian recently completed his Master’s at UNBC, and has used his environmental experience to teach seven classes during his studies. In his spare time, Ian is involved in cycling advocacy work in Prince George and promoting sustainable development in northern BC. He enjoys outdoor pursuits of all sorts, namely biking, running, climbing and skiing.