Geoff de Ruiter

University of Northern British Columbia
PhD Candidate
Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Michael Rutherford and Dr. Steve Helle
Funding Period: 
2013 to 2016
Comparing industrial biochar applications:Optimizing revenue versus CO2-equivalent emissions reductions or carbon sequestration

There is a growing industry regarding the production and sale of biochar in British Columbia. Biochar is a highly energy-dense biofuel used for thermal combustion, along with other uses, such as a soil amendment, source of activated carbon, or a possible coal or graphite replacement in metallurgy.

This project will elucidate possible trade-offs between biochar revenue-generation versus the highest potential for CO2-equivalent emissions reductions/carbon sequestration. This will help to inform provincial policy-making, as well as industries to where biochar should be used for optimizing climate mitigation.


In his spare time Geoff enjoys many outdoor activities, including snorkeling, riding his road and mountain bike, rock climbing, hiking and camping. As an active citizen he regularly attends local meetings and gatherings oriented towards environmental sustainability and social justice. Geoff considers himself a lifelong learner and this personal ambition helped to greatly expand his knowledge of environmental issues, technological systems, and understanding the general workings of the world around him. Geoff holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Northern BC and a master’s degree in kinesiology/neuroscience from the University of Victoria. Geoff is also an avid proponent and investor of renewable energy!