Working with Project Watershed, UBC student Russell Prentice, gets hands on experience on the Comox estuary, learning how eelgrass meadows and salt marshes contribute to the uptake of carbon from the atmosphere.


PICS Internships provide support for the hiring of university students from one of the four PICS consortium universities to work on topics that align with our strategic research plan. Internships serve to enhance the students’ knowledge and expertise in the area of climate change, as well as to integrate that knowledge into solutions. $10,000 in internship funding per four-month placement is available to provincial and local governments and BC-based NGOs. In addition, PICS will match private sector and crown corporation contributions to a maximum of $6,000 for four-month internship placements in areas of interest to PICS.

Past Internships

The 2018 call for PICS internship student funding is now closed.