Angela Slagle

Associate Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University


  • Porosity and permeability of oceanic crust and its suitability for carbon sequestration (sites of interest: Juan de Fuca Ridge, Cocos-Nazca Spreading Ridge, Kerguelen and other LIPs, offshore basins along NE US)
  • Stratigraphic mapping and interpretation of sedimentary features through integration of seismic, geophysical logging, and core data (sites of interest: New Zealand margin, New Jersey margin, Gulf of Alaska)
  • Accretionary prism properties and impacts of plate morphology and sedimentary structures in subduction zones (site of interest: Nankai Trough, Aleutian Trench)
  • My graduate research involved imaging and characterization of sedimentary features using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to integrate acoustic data types, such as seismic profiling and sidescan sonar, with sediment sampling information.