Dylan Clark

Dylan Clark

Associate Director of Research and Operations

Dylan Clark is PICS’ Associate Director of Research and Operations, based out of Vancouver. Clark has deep expertise in climate change policy development, adaptation research, and impact modelling.

He has helped governments develop new policies and improve decision-making processes through work both inside of government and in research organizations, including with the Government of Yukon and the Climate Change Adaptation Research Group. Most recently, he was the Research Lead for Adaptation at the Canadian Climate Institute.

Clark has contributed to major national climate assessments, including as a lead author on The Health Costs of Climate Change: How Canada can adapt, prepare, and save lives. He has also worked closely with communities across Nunavut to document the impacts of climate change on Inuit hunting practices.

He holds a Master of Science (2016) from McGill University and a Bachelor of Science (2014) from Iowa State University. He has been recognized for his work as a two-time National Geographic Young Explorer, a Fulbright recipient (declined), and has testified as an expert witness before the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans about the impacts of climate change on search and rescue across Northern Canada.