Uvic Student Toolkit

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions University of Victoria Program is excited to share its latest resource, the Climate Solutions Toolkit, a resource for the UVic community.

Designed with students in mind (but with resources for the entire campus community) the toolkit celebrates the researchers, student groups, and university initiatives working towards climate solutions at UVic.

Respondents to our 2019 student survey let us know that they wanted to see more communication and outreach about climate and sustainability initiatives at UVic. Students also emphasized that a centralized information source would help foster student engagement with climate solutions. In response to this feedback, we began developing the online Climate Solutions Toolkit with support from the Climate Solutions Navigator initiative.  

The website includes resources relating to many aspects of campus life, from a list of climate focused undergraduate courses, to a directory of student groups, to a database of faculty members and research groups. We hope to continue to expand and improve the toolkit, and welcome feedback on resources that you think should be included.

As more of aspects of campus move online due to COVID-19, we are happy to contribute to the campus community through this virtual resource that helps students and others stay connected to climate solutions. We invite you to explore the toolkit here.


Kristy Faccer, PICS Program Manager UVic