Scholars Forum 2021

Highlights from the PICS Scholars Forum 2021

We all want our work to have impact –  so what approaches can help activate the use of our climate solutions work within our communities, economy and governing bodies?

In partnership with the Pew Charitable Trusts’ evidence project, PICS dedicated its annual Scholars Forum in 2021 to empowering students to explore pathways for maximising the impact of their research: to transform how research and evidence are generated, valued, and used.

Thinking “big picture” in small breakout rooms, scholars shared the goals and challenges of their individual PICS projects, and explored its impact potential.

Scholars then heard from PICS Solution Seeker partners—those who are at the forefront of implementing climate solutions in governments (City and First Nations)—about what is actually involved in behind-the-scenes in transformation change. In short, it’s complicated.

Insights from PICS Solution Seeker partners - Emily Kwok, District Energy Infrastructure and Planning Lead, City of Surrey; Alejandro Frid, Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, and Ecologist/Science Coordinator Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance; and Steve Young, Climate and Environmental Sustainability Specialist at City of Victoria.

Using the Workshop Handbook as a guide, scholars charted out Impact Pathways for PICS projects using the collaborative platform Miro, identifying project goals, assumptions, potential barriers, and importantly “impact allies” who can help ensure success.

Your ideas = Action

Our engaged research philosophy applies to everything we do, so we want your feedback on the Scholars Forum! We invite all participants to fill out this this survey: what worked, what could be improved, and importantly, what types of scholars events you want in future.

New PICS scholars who will be eligible to attend our next forum in 2022 can also contribute by emailing PICS. What training/networking or tools will help YOU become an even stronger contributor to solving the climate challenge?  We want to know.

Let’s Stay Connected

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Impact framework lead, Kristy Faccer

PICS student engagement lead, Nastenka Calle