PICS Student Award

Credit: vchal from iStock Getty Images

Nominate or self-nominate a PICS Scholar by Friday, April 1, 2022.

The PICS Awards recognize and celebrate PICS Scholars for contributing to the ‘PICS Way’ through the co-development of innovative and impactful climate solution research. The ‘PICS Way’ promotes the co-design, co-development and co-delivery of climate solutions between researchers, solution seekers and PICS.

The PICS Award for Leadership in Engaged Research will be given to PICS Scholars who have excelled in advancing climate solutions not only by contributing to new knowledge for mitigation or adaptation, but also by co-developing these solutions with the solution seekers – decision-makers within government, business, civil society, First Nations, and our communities.

Awardees will receive $2,000 for participation in a National or International Conference or other professional development opportunity. As part of the recognition, a plaque will be given to students for their outstanding efforts.

All PICS scholars, students, and Post-Doctoral researchers, including recent graduates who were active in the project during 2021, are eligible for the 2022 PICS Awards. Students and Post-Docs who are not receiving PICS funding but are involved in the PICS projects are also eligible.

For complete information and criteria please read the Awards Guidelines and submit your nominations using the PICS Awards Nomination Form 2022, or visit PICS Student Engagement.