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PICS executive director Sybil Seitzinger is delighted to serve the newly launched Canadian Institute for Climate Choices on its Board of Directors.

Launched on January 21, 2020, the institute is an unparalleled collaboration of experts from a diverse range of disciplines and organizations across the country.  These experts will undertake rigorous and independent research, insightful analysis and broad engagement to bring clarity to the climate challenges and transformative policy choices ahead for Canada.

Images of climate change flood into our lives through our screens every day, bringing with them a tide of uneasiness. Across Canada and around the world, governments are making choices about how to navigate the uncertainty that climate change brings. These choices will determine Canada’s future.

Right now, decision-makers need clarity on the benefits and trade-offs that lie ahead as Canada tackles climate change. The Institute was created to provide an independent, rigorous and evidence-based perspective so that Canada’s climate solutions will deliver an inclusive and prosperous future for all of us.