The shape of a house outlined in water, with a forest surrounding it and clouds above.

The Serving Rural & Remote Communities project will empower rural, remote and Indigenous communities
to develop innovative solutions that lead to better housing and safer technical equipment in the face of climate change.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student interested in climate change resilience? Apply for an exciting research assistant opportunity with the $1-million PICS-funded project, Serving Rural & Remote Communities.

Serving Rural & Remote Communities: Co-developing Place-Based Climate Resilient Solutions centres rural and remote communities and what they need to flourish in the face of climate challenges. The $1-million, four-year research project is a partnership between researchers at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, along with colleagues from the University of Waterloo and the University of Washington, and the First Nations Housing and Infrastructure Council, BC Housing and Technical Safety BC.

The project is hiring a research assistant in uncertainty assessment for climate change resilience. Read the full job description here and below. 

To apply, submit your CV and half-page cover letter to principal investigator Dr. Nancy Olewiler (


Research assistant in uncertainty assessment for climate change resilience

Hours per week: 15

Duration: minimum of two months

Start date: (approximate): March 4, 2024 (or sooner if possible)

Pay rate: $25/hr for senior undergraduate students, $35/hr for graduate students

Apply by: February 16, 2024

Application process: Submit CV and half-page cover letter to Nancy Olewiler (

Candidate background: Any field; knowledge in risk/uncertainty theory and practice would be an asset. We encourage applications from Indigenous students.

Research Topic: Multiple sources and understanding of uncertainty hamper the application of evidence-based decision making, policy development and practice that attempts to improve resilience to climate change.

The aim of the proposed study is to examine how uncertainty in climate change impacts on communities can be more appropriately employed in assessing and selecting from possible courses of action. The research assistant will review and synthesize in a report or annotated bibliography the latest literature at the intersection of analysis and characterization of uncertainty, decision making, and climate change resilience, guided by the research team.

The review will consider topics in the below list. Depending on the successful applicants’ field of study/specialization one of these topics may be given primary emphasis:

  • Indigenous knowledge systems and approaches to decision making and management under uncertainty and for climate resilience;
  • Uncertainty analysis that differentiates between types of uncertainty (for example, technical/epistemic versus ethical/societal);

  • Examples of policies and practices that require differentiation between types of uncertainty in evidence-based reporting to support decision making by governments and associated entities (e.g., Crown corporations, regulatory bodies);

  • Land use policy, with an emphasis on employing development permit area guidelines to improve climate resilience; and/or

  • Addressing climate resilience of buildings and community-scale critical infrastructure under uncertainty and by vintage of structure.

The successful applicant will work on the Serving Rural & Remote Communities: Co-developing Place-Based Climate Resilient Solutions project with researchers at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria.

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