Opportunity Projects Program




Generating Climate Solutions: partnerships for new ideas, new approaches, new entrants.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is a catalyst for developing climate solutions. We support an approach to research that defines meaningful activities focused on partnerships and engagement, helping solution seekers become effective solution makers, from question to collaboration, and idea to action.

Our collaborative research approach means we aim to contribute to climate solutions by bringing together the necessary knowledge, expertise, skills, and networks to solve pressing problems and realize opportunities. We encourage project partnerships that combine science with practice and link research with action to tackle real-world climate problems.

The PICS collaborative model relies on three kinds of contributing partners:

- Solution Partners bring practical, domain knowledge and experience. They play a key role in identifying and framing the problem, developing solutions and supporting the application of results, helping to translate theory to action. Solution Partners may be based in private sector, governmental or non-governmental organizations.

- Research Partners bring theoretical knowledge and experience, research skills and academic excellence to the project to help generate and transform novel ideas to produce new knowledge and social, technical and institutional innovations.

- The PICS Partner is a knowledge broker that supports relationships and networks; provides training and financial support. We are a catalyst for action, engagement and communication to help realize and track intended outcomes and impacts.

Opportunity Projects Program

We invite proposals for high-quality, innovative research projects in areas of high potential for impact in climate change mitigation and adaptation including emerging and novel issues. With a commitment to build human resource capacity in BC, the program mandates participation by research faculty at one of our four collaborating universities with half of funds granted allocated to support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The program is open to researchers in BC and beyond.

Quick facts:

- Each award is capped at $60,000 per year for a total program allocation of up to $600,000 annually.
- Projects must involve solutions seekers and research partners.
- There is no restriction on the number or location of researchers, but proposals should be relevant to BC and include participation of BC researchers. At least half of project costs must be allocated to salaries of graduate students and postdocs at one of PICS’ research universities.
- Project duration shall not exceed three years.

The 2018 call has closed. If you have questions, please contact us at picsopp@uvic.ca.