PICS Solid Carbon project at GeoConvention 2020

Geoscientists from across Canada and around the world gathered online at the GeoConvention 2020 conference in fall this year, with negative emissions technologies (NETs) on the agenda.

The PICS Solid Carbon Theme Partnership – a climate solutions project to inject carbon dioxide into the sub-oceanic basalts – was presented at GeoConvention 2020, the first-in-a-decade joint convention of mineralogists, hydrogeologists and reservoir geologists. Solid Carbon is unique in being completely self-contained on an off-shore platform with a focus on tectonically stable ocean basins and five geological trapping mechanisms (mineralization, cap rock stability, pressurization, solution trapping, and clathrate formation).

The presentation was given by University of Victoria Research Assistant Curtis Evans, who is a member of the Solid Carbon team. Find out about the big idea, and where it sits in the global picture of basalt CO2 sequestration research, by watching the video above.