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  •  The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions will bring together leading universities to serve as a source of information and research on cutting-edge solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  •  The Institute will promote the development of climate change solutions and partner with the private sector to find research solutions that may be applied commercially.
  •  The Institute will bring together the various climate change-related experts found in British Columbia’s research-intensive universities, including climatologists, economists, chemists, modellers, ecologists, biologists, geologists and oceanographers.


  •  A proposed $90-million endowment will provide approximately $4 million annually with $1 million of that funding targeted each year for climate change impact and adaptation research, to be delivered through the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, based out of the University of Victoria. An additional $4.5 million will go to first-year startup costs.

Participating Universities

  •  The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions will be hosted and led by the University of Victoria as an Approved Research Centre in collaboration with Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Northern British Columbia.
  •  Collectively, these four universities represent scientists, researchers, graduate students and others who will work together under the Institute, with a focus on climate change solutions.

Governance Structure

  •  A scientific steering committee made up of senior administrative and scientific representatives from the four research-intensive universities will govern the Institute. A permanent director will be employed.
  •  A blue-ribbon advisory board comprised of public and private sector stakeholders will be established to provide advice and guidance to the Institute.
  •  The Institute will have affiliation agreements with key provincial, federal, and international public and private sector organizations.

Key Benefits

  • The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions will be the centre of a Pacific region climate change network that includes key scholars from all four research-intensive B.C. universities, major Alberta universities, and from the universities of Washington, California and others.
  •  Numerous climate-change related research initiatives are already underway at these universities involving leading climate change researchers and Nobel-prize-winning scientists.
  •  The Institute will complement and build on that ongoing work, which includes:
  • The Institute will work to secure funding from federal and industrial sources and serve as a communications hub that will transfer knowledge effectively to governments, industry and the public.
  •  The Institute will assist government in meeting current and future greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets by providing research support, public outreach and technological innovation.
  •  The Institute will support and promote community involvement and economic development through public forums, publications, and online information. It will also provide education, training and outreach to business leaders, government, and non-government organizations.

Media Contact:

Dale Steeves Director of Communications Office of the Premier 250 387-6605

David Haslam Manager, Strategic Communications, Climate Change Climate Action Secretariat 250 387-5550