The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is in a period of renewal. We’re taking a critical look at everything we do, with a focus on better meeting the needs of our climate solutions partners.

The Fast Track is part of that review. We are only accepting limited, priority applications at this time.

Before you apply, please contact for more information. Keep visiting for updates.


Nimble by design, this program offers fast deployment of limited funding to support unexpected and quickly-emerging areas of need in the climate solutions space. Fast Track can support fast turn-around projects, respond to sudden change, and generate the initial results to spark larger initiatives. 

Projects are short-duration, self-contained, and stand-alone, with a climate-solutions focus.

Fast Track projects emerge from discussions between PICS and solution seekers and/or researchers in the course of our work. Please only submit a Fast Track Project application if invited by PICS’ executive director or associate director. When submitting, send the completed form to PICS’ executive director, and cc. the associate director, with the subject line “Fast Track application”.



Fast Track Projects