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Designing a framework that integrates climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for urban multifamily residential buildings, to minimize risks, optimize benefits and improve liveability.

In partnership with BC Housing, this project is investigating how the design process for multifamily residential buildings in urban neighbourhoods can effectively integrate both climate mitigation and adaptation considerations. The objectives include reducing the unintended consequences of considering mitigation and adaption separately, benefitting from synergistic solutions, and minimizing project costs.  

The project will result in an integrated building adaptation and mitigation assessment (IBAMA) framework and tool to help decision-makers identify solutions for incorporating both mitigation and adaptation in multifamily residential building design, construction and operations. The long-term goal is that the IBAMA framework will influence future building codes, standards, and construction best practices in BC and abroad.

Opportunity Project: Began April 15, 2019 / Project Duration: Two years.

IIana Judah poster presentation at Adaptation Canada 2020 conference, Vancouver.

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Research Partners

Principal Investigators

Stephanie Chang

Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) and Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability (IRES) University of British Columbia


Ilana Judah

Architect M.Sc. Student, Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability (IRES), UBC

Solution Seekers

  • BC Housing