Photo credit: Anna Rozwadowska

Developing the first online, open-access and user-friendly tool to support climate–adapted conservation planning across British Columbia’s natural and protected areas.

There is currently no planning tool available that considers future climate change when establishing protected areas in British Columbia and projecting impacts on natural systems. This project, in partnership with The Nature Trust, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the BC Parks Foundation, will address the core question: How can we adapt our conservation plans in BC to minimize the impacts of a changing climate?  

This tool will be flexible for diverse user groups, preloaded with data, and updatable for future advances in BC climate change knowledge. 

Opportunity Project: Began September 1, 2019 / Project Duration: Three years.

Research Partners

Principal Investigators

Oscar Venter

Oscar Venter

Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, and FRBC/West Fraser research chair in the Ecosystem Science and Management Program at UNBC

Peter Arcese

Co-Principal Investigator, Professor, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, Faculty of Forestry, UBC


Richard Schuster

Richard Schuster

Research Scientist at Carleton University and a Conservation Prioritization Consultant for the Nature Conservancy of Canada


Solution Seekers

  • BC Parks Foundation
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
  • The Nature Trust of British Columbia