Flooding in Canada car in water

Helping British Columbia prepare for the movement of people due to climate change.

This project aims to lay the groundwork for helping British Columbia prepare for the movement of people to and within the province, due to climate change displacement.

Despite heightened awareness about the issue—due in part to media coverage of more frequent climate-related extreme weather events, sea level rise and ice melt, for example—BC, like many jurisdictions, has yet to mobilize stakeholders in preparation.

This short-term scoping project marks the beginning of a partnership between PICS, the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, and the Climate Migrants and Refugees Project (an NGO in Vancouver). Collectively, these partners will establish a network of relevant stakeholders from governments and society to identify knowledge gaps and develop a research agenda on solutions to the climate displacement challenge.

Opportunity Project: Began December 1, 2019 / Project Duration: 9 months. Completed.

Research Partners

Principal Investigators


George Benson

Co-founder, managing director Climate Migrants and Refugees Project


Solution Seekers

  • Climate Displacement Planning Initiative (formerly Climate Migrants and Refugee Project)