Converting carbon dioxide to fuels and fibres

Can captured greenhouse gases become useful products like fuel or bike frames?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is vital to stopping climate change, but what to do with the GHGs we can’t eliminate and instead need to capture?

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is funding research at the University of British Columbia to develop a process for transforming captured carbon dioxide and methane emissions into useful products. The From Waste to Want: Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Liquid Fuels and Solid Carbon Fibres project will work to better understand and control a catalyst reaction that captures these gases. The gases can then be converted into products like gasoline and solid carbon fibres. Carbon fibres are used in bike frames, car parts, sports equipment and other products.

Collaborating Organizations: University of British Columbia, Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society, Exaer Carbon, Paper Excellence

Researchers: Xiaotao (Tony) Bi, Chester Upham