Decarbonizing the marine shipping industry

The marine shipping sector is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions — but it may not have to be. 

International marine shipping is a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). If emissions from all global marine shipping were added up, they would be equal in size to the emissions from the world’s eighth largest GHG emitter. To reduce emissions, the shipping sector is exploring alternative fuel sources and electrification.

Researchers at UVic are collaborating with the Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate to assess ways to accelerate shipping industry emissions reductions. The project Safe Passage: B.C. Green Shipping Corridors Assessment, is focused on outlining zero- and low-carbon energy options and sector uptake. Insights from the work could inform green economy policies and development of standards, including the establishment of a green shipping corridor off the coast of B.C.

Researchers: Curran Crawford, Zuomin Dong

Collaborating Organizations: University of Victoria, Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate