Emdbodied Emission

Leading professionals in the global construction sector have made huge strides in reducing emissions from the heating and cooling of buildings. But this mastery of operational GHGs neglects the underlying embodied emissions from the extracting, processing, transporting and disposing of building materials.

In BC, public and private sector leaders have established a globally recognized influence on embodied emissions in the built environment. PICS is building on this momentum, synthesizing local policies and practices to amplify their impact, while identifying ambitious strategies to shift construction norms and connect with the circular economy.

Members of the project's advisory committee are potential end-users of this research including the City of Victoria, Metro Vancouver, the Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx), and the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute.

In May 2021 PICS released the report, Making Embodied Carbon MainstreamThis guide for local and regional governments shows how existing policy foundations can be gateways to reducing embodied carbon in the built environment. 

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